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Yellow Mango Mojito 2019 Handmade silk Margilan silk gauze for nuno felting. Lightweight fabric for Nuno felting and Art dyed with professional Ahford dyes.

I mix a few dyes to make unique colors for you. The colors bleed nicely into each other and create soft color changes in between each other . I used a few steps techniques to dye the silk with professional Ashford dyes.

Lightweight and elegant, with a natural pearlescent sheen, colorful silk fabric gauze is the perfect textile to incorporate into your next crafting or sewing project. Silk is beautiful and versatile: use to add texture and volume to clothing and costumes; create stand-alone pieces such as scarves and blouses; try Nuno-felting – a felting technique that combines silk and wool to create a soft, luxurious material.
This margilan silk I use to create very fine Nunofelt scarves and garments.

This silk comes to you all the way from Margilan – the silk capital of Central Asia. Margilan is an ancient city in Uzbekistan, and for centuries was an important trading hub due to its convenient locations and abundance of sought-after goods, silk being a major one. To this day, Margilan silk is made exclusively by hand with the help of ancient secrets and techniques.

If compare margelan silk to Chinese silk, it is far more open to felt fibers into it and the results are more luster and beautiful. it is very light weight. It takes beautiful any dyes. This silk does not have any seams – the edges are unprocessed.


width is 34" . This listing for 3 yards.

This is what my customer says: "I am so excited to get a source for this amazing silk. It dyes beautifully and I am excited to use it in my feltmaking. The luster is AMAZING! And I love the open, gauze weave structure made with the yarns larger than most gauze. I know this will show up beautifully when I felt it in. Most gauzes just "melt" into the wool background losing their definition, but this will keep it's luster and look wonderful. "

When ordering a product keep in mind that the actual colors might differ from what you see, due to the settings of the monitor.

Thanks for looking!

Materials: silk, natural silk, silk gauze, pure silk, Craft fabric, Margilan silk.

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